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Also available from USB Studios: "Whither Go" - a CD from Judith Hayman.

$15 Cdn/US


Triskaidekafilkia - music from FilKONtario 13



1. Dr. James Robinson & Joey Shoji: The Empirical Strikes Back (Robinson)
2. Barry & Sally Childs-Helton: Talkin’ Jabberwock (B. Childs-Helton & Carroll)
3. Randy Hoffman: The Finer Points of Sportsmanship (Hoffman)
4. Juanita Coulson: Beast of ‘Busco’ (Coulson)
5. Dr. James Robinson: Song of Jack the Ripper (Robinson)
6. Mark Bernstein: Heroic Fantasy Blues (Bernstein)
7. Robert Cooke: Runner (Cooke/Trad)
8. Erica Neely: Elektra’s Song (Malme)
9. Tim Jennings: The Sealskin Jacket (Jennings)
10. Barry & Sally Childs-Helton: Small Designs (B. Childs-Helton)
11. Robert Cooke: Outward Bound (Cooke)
12. Katy Droege: Shades of Grey (Malme)
13. Mark Bernstein: Twenty Years Later... (Bernstein/trad)
14. Gary Ehrlich: Fallen Songbirds (Ehrlich)
15. Dr. James Robinson & Joey Shoji: SF Fantasy (McQuillin)
16. Bill Roper: There She Goes (Passavoy)
17. Echo’s Children: Columbia (Faber/Hills)

$15 Cdn/US


Filk Together - music from FilKONtario 12



1. Tanya Huff: Thank You FilKONtario (trad.)

2.  Urban Tapestry: I Would I Were (Keelahan)

3. Martin & Andrea Gordon-Kerr: The Long Road (Gordon-Kerr)

4. Dave Weingart: The River (Weingart)

5. Seanan McGuire: Hard Questions (McGuire)

6. Juliane Honisch: Fading Day (Honisch)

7. Freddy Brown: Lookin' Back (F. Brown)

8. Judith Hayman: Leave the Red Planet Behind (Hayman)

9. Heather Borean: Human Balance (Borean)

10. Carolyn Brown: Choices (C. Brown)

11. Alan Thiesen: Wishful Thinking (Thiesen)

12. Juliane Honisch & Katy Droege: Play Me (Honisch/Droege)

13. Dave Weingart: Last Run (Knighton)

14. Joey Shoji: Fallen Angel (Ecklar)

15. Rika Koerte & Katy Droege: Only the Idiots (Allcock/Whitaker)

$15 Cdn/US


FilkNotes - the music from FilKONtario 11



1. Rika Koerte: The Nymph and the Wanderer (Shei)

2. Steve Macdonald: Expanding Circles (Macdonald)

3. Bill and Brenda Sutton: I Saw My World Go Down (Sutton)

4. Terence Chua: Halo Jones (Chua)

5. Juliane Honisch: Terra Incognita (Honisch)

6. Kirsten Droege: First Steps (Teschke)

7. Tom Jeffers, Dave Clement, Connie Elcombe: Green Mars (Jeffers)

8. Seanan McGuire: Children of Mars (McGuire)

9. Phil Allcock: The Red Star (Allcock)

10. Erica Neely: Star Song (Neely)

11. Bill and Gretchen Roper: New Frontier (Roper)

12. Steve Macdonald and the Hall of Fame Performers: Shai (Macdonald/Simmons)

13. Randy Hoffman: Perky Goth (Hoffman)

14. Graham Leathers: Life on the Line (Leathers)

15. Terence Chua: Dice Lice Blues (Luckett)

16. Bill Sutton and the Hall of Fame Performers: Only Here for the Beer (Sutton)

17. Phil Allcock: Before the Dawn (Whitaker)

18. Bill and Brenda Sutton: Absent Friends (Sutton)

$15 Cdn/US


Filk Memories - music from FilKONtario 10



1. Karen Linsley: The Dragon and the Maiden (Linsley)

2. Larry Warner: Tribute to a Friend (Warner)

3. Kathleen Sloan: Catalogue Queen (Sloan)

4. W. Scott Snyder: The Showdown (Snyder)

5. Heather Borean: Battle with Dyslexia (Borean)

6. Larry Warner: There's Something About Harry (Warner)

7. Joe Kesselman: Golda's Soliloquy (Kesselman)

8. Rennie Levine: Under His Coat (Faber/Levine)

9. W. Scott Snyder: Secrets (Snyder)

10. Larry Warner: Trilled to be Here (Warner)

11. Joel Polowin: Everybody's Moonbase (Kranz/Polowin)

12. Annie Walker: Saguaro Dancing (Walker)

13. Larry Warner: Houseguests (Warner)

14. W. Scott Snyder: Feygrass (Snyder)

15. Diana Huey: The AfterCon Song (Huey)

16. Bill Roper: Once Last Dance (Roper)

17. Annie and Tim Walker: 6:45 (Walker)

18. Daniel Glasser: A Thousand Songs (Steele)

19. Phil Allcock: Precious Moments (Allcock)

$15 Cdn/US


Filk Dreams - music from FilKONtario 9



1. Dave Clement: The Highwayman (Webb)

2. Mark Bernstein: 7-20-69 (Bernstein)

3. Steve Macdonald: October Sky (Macdonald)

4. Don Neill: Islands (Neill)

5. Urban Tapestry with Don Neill: Marvin (Ridpath Ohi)

6. Diana Huey: Solar Gypsy (Huey)

7. Puzzlebox: Ramblin' Time (Puzzlebox)

8. Downtown Freddy Brown: Spaceships on Strings (Brown)

9. Karen Linsley & Lloyd Landa: The Challenge (Linsley, Landa)

10. Harold Groot: Fly by Night (Groot, trad.)

11. Katie Droge & Rika Koerte: Silver Dragon (Lubke)

12. Kathleen Sloan: Neighbor of the Beast (Graham)

13. Don Neill: Ghost Story (Neill)

14. Mark Bernstein: Choose Another Dream (Bernstein)

15. Ellen McMicking: Song of the Stars: the Captain's Lullaby (McMicking)

16. Joel Polowin: To Space (Polowin)

17. Kathleen Sloan: Magic to Me (Sloan)

18. Urban Tapestry: Home to FilKONtario (Ridpath Ohi)

$15 Cdn/US

Filk 2K - Songs from Chicon 2000 - Volume 1



1. Leslie Fish: Merry Millenium (Fish)

2. Bill & Brenda Sutton: Star Dreamer (Sutton)

3. Three Wierd Sisters: Six Days (Knighton)

4. Dave Weingart: Destiny's Shore (Weingart)

5. Art Warneke & Deirdre Murphy: Beyond the Rim (Warneke)

6. Renee Alper & Ray Phoenix: It's the Time of the Phoenix (Alper)

7. Barry Gold: Loonie War Games (Gold/Ecklar)

8. Judith Hayman: Farewell (Hayman)

9. Jordin Kare: Road of Starstuff (Kare)

10. Melissa & Daniel Glasser: Urban Legends (Kwinn)

11. David Kushner: Paper Wings (Savitzky)

12. Tom Smith: ConValescence (Smith)

13. Tracey Lunquist: In the Key of GT (Lunquist)

14. Bill Roper: Nobody Calls (Roper)

15. Terence Chua: Once We Were Eagles (Chua)

16. Kathy Mar: Don't Give Up On Your Dreams (Mar/Lloyd)

17. Michael Longcor: Twilight of the Millenium (Longcor/Firebird)

18. Dave Luckett: The Last Filk Song (Luckett)

$15 Cdn/US

Filk 2K - More Songs from Chicon 2000 - Volume 2


1. Leslie Fish: It's the End of the World as We Know It (Fish)

2. Steve Savitzky: Bugs (Savitzky)

3. Roberta Rogow: The Bonnie Bonnie Floor of the WorldCon (Rogow/trad.)

4. Tom Smith: I Want My Music on Napster (Smith)

5. Callie Hills, Daniel & Melissa Glasser: I Meant to Do That (Hills/Faber)

6. Mark Bernstein: Stamerican Udies 202 (Bernstein)

7. Gretchen & Bill Roper: SMOF Widow Blues (Roper)

8. Leslie Fish: A Song for the Rotary Rocket (Fish)

9. Brenda & Bill Sutton: Rag Sheet Writer (Sutton)

10. Solomon Davidoff: Required Reading (Davidoff)

11. Deirdre Murphy: Fosterling (Murphy)

12. David Kushner: Merlin (McArthur)

13. Peggi Warner-Lalonde & Glenn Simser: Streets of London (McTell)

14. Dave Luckett: We Would be Wrong (Luckett)

15. Kathy Mar: Starship and Haiku (Mar)

16. Michael Longcor: Imagination (Longcor/Firebird)

Currently working on: Music from TorCon3 and Songs from FilKONtario 14

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